PetroBio has 60 years of experience in various installations and efficiency solutions in all types of boiler systems. PetroBio delivers not only the combustion unit, but also fuel preparation systems, boilers and flue gas treatment.

We have built plants since the beginning of the 60s, and still deliver parts and solutions to our early deliveries. Our archive is intact and all original drawings and data are preserved and used for rebuilds and as a basis for for extensions and conversions.

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Burner Products

Optimized burner technology for high efficiency, low emissions and cost-effectiveness  

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Rebuilds & Upgrades

Fuel conversions, safer operation, better combustion and optimizing profitability  

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New Plant Installations

Turn key solutions, utilizing our experience of plant building and project execution

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Customer Support

Broad expertise with process knowledge for tuning and trimming, combined with mechanical skills and automation system experience